Chautauqua Hot Air Balloon Rally
June 16 thru June 18, 2017
2017 Schedule
Balloon Glow: at 7:00 pm, Friday, June 17
Flights: Saturday, June 17 at 6 am & 6 pm
Sunday, June 18 at 6 am
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Photo by Leanne Creger




Friday, June 16: The Balloon Glow
The evening of June 16 the Balloon Glow will be held on the front lawn of Wytheville Community College. The event will start at 7 pm and will include food trucks, bouncy houses for the kids, and a DJ. At dusk (about 8 :30 pm ish) the stars of the show will appear when several balloonists inflate their balloons and make them glow in the evening light using the large propane burners.

Watching this spectacle on the WCC grounds will be a wonder to enjoy for all in attendance. During this event, spectators are encouraged to approach the balloons and their pilots to ask questions about their craft and the ballooning experience.